Services Available

Thank you for visiting our website. Our services are listed here with a short description. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested or have any questions about the programs.


As with our physical health, we need to know and recognize signs and symptoms of mental health issues in order to take the appropriate action. The Family Mental Health  program includes information on mental health and addiction ,signs and symptoms of illness and what help is needed. The material covers information on mental health issues from childhood to senior years.

Coaching for Families and Individuals

Do you wish that you had someone to help you navigate those tricky family issues or situations.? We all can use a little help at times and coaching is a great way to  figure out a plan to move forward to your family goals. Coaching can be one on one ,  in a group ,on line, or on the phone.... whatever is the most comfortable for you. 


I am available for short talks or keynote speaking on any of the topics related to our services. Info sessions,lunch and learns,company wellness events ,or church events  are all able to be customized to fit your needs.

Anger Solutions

Everyone gets angry at one time or another,but where does that anger come from and how is it affecting  your family? Anger Solutions is a program that explains how and why anger develops and offers solutions to  dealing with it. Anger Solutions for Kids is also available to help your child understand and find solutions to their own anger.

SMART Recovery Family & Friends

Do you have someone in your family or a friend who struggles with addictions? SMART Recovery Family and Friends is an educational support program for you, as you  give support to your loved one. You are not alone .

Wedding Officiant 

Provincially Licensed Wedding Officiant

Please go to 

for information 



Ceremonies or family traditions designed by you, to welcome your a new addition to the family . 

Celebration of  Life

A service or celebration designed by the family to say goodbye to loved ones and celebrate their life.